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Top 10 Scary Moon Landing Theories

In our history books it is written that back in 1969 Apollo 11 was the spaceflight that landed the first two people on the moon that being Commander Neil Armstrong and lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin. Neil Armstrong beat out over 7 billion dollars to become known as the first man on the moon, he even beat out Buzz Aldrin who actually had a chance of becoming the first man on the moon. I have become fascinated with the moon landing and conspiracy theories that surround it. I’ve read Neils Armstrongs and Buzz Aldrins book and I’ve read so much about Michael Collin as well. Even with all the proof and the men who went to the moon there are so many conspiracy theories that surround the moon landing. Well how’s it going you guys. I am your host for this one Landon Dowlatsingh and welcome back to another most amazing top 10 video.

Make sure you guys hit the subscribe button for daily content and also in the comment section let me know what you think of the moon landing? Did it happen? Alright so this is the top 10 scary moon landing conspiracy theories. Let’s blast off at number 10 with Nasa faked the moon landing therefore science is a hoax. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin might have been training their wholes lives not to become astronauts but to become hollywood actors who are apparently taking this performance to their graves. People believe that Nasa had a very large film production team that faked the whole thing. Maybe they filmed the moon landing in Area 51. One of the most iconic pictures from the apparent moon landing is this one right here. Its Buzz standing right next to the flag. Is this smoking gun. Conspiracy theorist believe it is. They believe that this flag wasn’t filmed on the moon because it flag clearly showed presence of wind in which is impossible in a vacuum which is what the surface of the moon is.

Nasa replied to that with it was actually Aldrin twisting the flagpole to get it into the moons soil. So was this a moon landing or just a carefully rehearsed production that was filmed. Is this just a hollywood secret. Number 9. The Space Race. There is a theory to why the moon landing was faked and it seems very plausible. There might have been motivation for the united states to get to the moon first, and even if they weren’t able to beat the Soviet Union in the space race they were going to pretend like they did. Landing on the moon was viewed as a national and technological accomplishment that would generate world-wide acclaim.

Well theorist believe that back in in 1969 technology wasn’t around and it was way to risky and expensive to go to the moon. This might have been one small step for man and one giant paycheque that the government couldn’t afford. I was looking into this claim and It would cost around 25 billion dollars to allocated for the Apollo program that got man to the moon, which was around 60 percent of Nasa’s budget back in 1969 which would be worth around 150 billion dollars today. How could the government or Nasa afford something like that? It would have been much cheaper to have a producer film the whole thing and pay millions of dollars for people to never talk about it. Moving into number 8. If we were able to land on the moon in 1969. And 6 times total during 1969 and 1972 which is a span of just 3 years why has it been almost 50 years since man has landed on the moon.

This is pretty suspicious don’t you think? This is one of the many reasons why conspiracy theories suggest man never went to the moon and this theory had me thinking a lot. Why haven’t we gone back to the moon if we were able to with a lot less technology. Just from researching it seems like the consensus is the amount of rocket energy it takes to accelerate to the moon simple doesn’t exist anymore.

Well isn’t this convenient. There has been many talks about sending man back to the moon in 2024 but again there has been trouble with the high cost, and lack of support. Well from there let’s move onto number 7. Well here is a crazy one a lot of people believe they know who directed the moon landing. I’ve read so many articles and watched many videos on this topic and a lot of people point back to one American Film director.

Well that was Stanley Kubrick the man who could have directed the moon landing. He was an incredible director screen writer and producer. He is frequently cites as one of the greatest and most influential filmmakers in cinematic history. His films are mostly noted for their realism, dark humor and unique cinematography, extensive set desgins and evocative use of music. So this really sounds like the right man for the job if the Moon landing was a hollywood stunt.

Number 6. Nasa might have faked the moon landings to avoid humiliation from not being the first nation to the moon after funding so much to the space program and also to ensure that they continued to get funding from the government. Nasa raised around 25 billion dollars to go to the moon, so how would that look if all that tax money and government spending would look if Nasa failed miserably. That would be a very costly mistake. This would not look good for America. President Kennedy really got behind the Nasa program in the space race. that speech was back in 1961. Kennedy was addressing the congress that there was an urgent national need and everyone should be apart of this important mission. Nasa wasn’t taking on all this responsibilities that were impossible people believe. So failing a moon mission was impossible, that’s why Nasa might have contacted hollywood for a favor. Number 5. Conspiracy theorist believe that the landing module should have created a massive impression on the moon’s surface.

But looking at many pictures there are no imprints of the landing module that weighs 17 tons. In fact there should also be a blast crater. We could have seen this in many pictures because there are some of the landing module but again, there is no black crater that would have been created during the landing phase. To go along with this as well there was video footage of the take off and people couldn’t see visible flames from the rocket. I will let you guys determine if you think that clip was real or faked. But for now lets move on. Number 4. People believe that it would actually be impossible to survive the trip to the moon because the astronauts would be exposed to the radiation from the Van Allen radiation belt.

You have to pass through the Van Allen radiation belt to reach the moon. There was no way around it so Astronauts had to be inside of the Van Allen Radiation belt for a couple of hours. Being exposed to strong radiation like that would instantly kill you, so people believe it’s impossible that Nasa was able to find a way to get through this without people dying. Moving into number 3. Here is another theory that might prove that the moon landing was indeed just filmed in a massive studio. People have increased the speed of the video footage by exactly times.

At that speed it seems like the astronauts are moving the same speed as earth’s gravity. So why is it that exactly times the speed they seem to be moving normally. It is believed that all of the astronauts while filming were trying to move very slowly to mimic what it would be like if they were actually on the moon. To explain the impressive height of the jumps seen in the footage, people claim that hidden cables and wires were used. Number 2. Nixon might have played a huge role in faking the moon landing.

All 6 of the moon landings happened during the Nixon administration. No other national leader has claimed to have landed astronauts on the moon. I thought this fact was really odd, and it kinda had me thinking. I was like wow was the moon landing actually a hoax. I mean no other nation has been on the moon despite rapid technology since the 60s. Why has no other president been able to send more men to the moon other than Nixon. Finally at Number 1 conspiracy theories believe that all of the Nasa photos taken on the moon are all fake. Take a look at this. Well we are going back to this famous picture again but this time instead of looking a the famous american flag take a look at the background. There seems to be no stars. Stars should be prevalent during this picture because there was complete darkness. If you take a look at the footprints left on the moon, people are saying that you shouldn’t actually be able to leave that distinct of a footprint on the moon due to the rough and hard surface. People have claimed to see a reflection of camera equipment on Neil Armstrong’s helmet, not sure If I can agree with that, also people are saying they can see a person taking the picture in the reflection but the person isn’t wearing a space suit.

Well there are so many images we could take a look at in this video but this is the end of the video thanks so much for watching. I will see you guys all in the next most amazing top 10 video. .

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