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The Scary Truth About Shane Dawson’s Cartoon Conspiracy Theories

The most highly requested video that I got for the new Shane Dawson conspiracy theory video was about the theory surrounding cartoons and depression what is up everybody this is Chris from the rewired so we talked about the problem but focus on the solution and if you’re new to my channel my channel is all about mental health what I like to do is pull different topics from the YouTube community to try to teach you how to improve your mental and emotional well-being so if any of that stuff make sure you subscribe and bring that notification bell and speaking of subscribing and ringing the notification bell you guys I am freaking out I’ve been freaking out because I love you guys so much we are at ninety two thousand subscribers we are so close to a hundred thousand subscribers and like it’s crazy I just got one of those Facebook things from like a year ago and a year ago in January I was like so estatic that I got a thousand subscribers and I’m not gonna get all sappy right now I’m gonna save it for the 100k video but like I never thought in a million years that this channel was gonna do anything I was like people don’t care about their mental health like that’s why I started this channel is I’m like people don’t care about their mental health I want to teach them you know about the mental health you know but like man I love that people care about this stuff and that you guys are on this journey with me and you guys are taking care of your mental health as well and we’re doing this thing together so I just wanted to start out by saying I love and appreciate each and every one of you so so so much alright but yeah anyways let’s talk about this specific conspiracy theory that Shane Dawson was talking about so basically for those of you who didn’t watch Shane Dawson’s video which I doubt happened if you’re here at my video one of the conspiracy theories was around violence and suicidal tendencies and cartoons and how it influences us and it went on and on and on so not only was he showing through so much spongebob and older cartoons and all that but you know then he kind of went into some different things about Big Pharma and antidepressants and all that so like I was sitting there I was like now now this ain’t right I’m like you know I’m gonna use some psychology to do bunk this thing so I started doing some research and it’s actually kind of scary so the first thing that we’re gonna do is I’m gonna introduce you to this dude and his name is Albert bandura okay so this guy is a social psychologist and he is most famously known for social cognitive theory all right more specifically he’s famous for the Bobo doll experiment so what is this experiment so what they did was they had two groups of kids all right and they had these kids watch a woman play with this thing called a Bobo doll what the heck is a Bobo doll is basically like one of those old tulle clowns like this like inflatable it has sand at the bottom and you like right so with one of the groups of kids the kids watch this woman play with the Bobo doll and she was like nice with it and playing with it and all that but with the other group of kids like they had this lady straight-up attacking this Bobo doll right hitting it like hitting it on the ground and like punching it in the face and like throwing it up and kicking it and doing all this stuff and then what they did was they put these kids in a room with the Bobo doll all right and they want to see how the kids interacted with the Bobo doll so with that first group of kids like they were pretty chill they were cool with the Bobo doll that played with it you know it was all nice and friendly or whatever but the kids who watch the woman attacking the Bobo doll they went in there and they were jacking this doll up and not only that but it got a little crazier because inside this room they put like toy weapons all right so some of the kids like they would start out like just like hitting the Bobo doll or kicking in and throwing it you know getting kind of violent with it but like kids naturally went towards like weapons like there was other like toys in the room they went towards weapons like guns and knives like they wanted to mess this Bobo doll up all right so social cognitive theory is basically talking about a learning theory ok so kids who witnessed this type of behavior they were more likely almost 100% likely to go and and recreate that type of violent behavior that’s some scary stuff so this was more about just like what kids are seeing what kids are learning so by the way parents out there quit being you know crazy and abusive in your household because your kids are learning from that but I wanted to see them like okay well there’s no way that you know cartoons are influencing kids but I actually pulled up this study that was referenced in a Psychology Today article and it’s actually true they’ve done these studies with children watching violent cartoons and the kids who watch cartoons that had violence they were more likely to do bullying violence and all that kind of stuff I’m like that’s pretty crazy that’s kind of messed up alright now what’s really fascinating about this is I grew up with video games and I really hate the narrative that like video games are making people violent and you know all this other stuff but what’s interesting is there’s a lot of studies that have disproven the argument that video games make his violent so I’m not really sure why that is maybe it’s because you’re taking on the role of that character but anyway it’s like let me know what you think down in the comments below and maybe we’ll do another video on that but why do you think that kids watching cartoons they’re more likely to be violent than kids who are playing video games that have violence in those video games you know what I mean I find that pretty interesting so what does this all mean what does this all mean based on Shane Dawson’s conspiracy theory all right are these cartoons the reason why you’re depressed now all these cartoons the reason why people have suicidal ideation no they are not are these cartoons some part of some massive conspiracy behind Big Pharma to push antidepressant medications no but big pharma is trying to push antidepressant medications I’ve done videos about that but there is you know a lot that we should learn from this conspiracy theory and the psychology behind it and social cognitive theory one of the biggest things that I was thinking about while watching this was that we as youtubers like we have a responsibility we have a responsibility to the youth of the world all right a lot of people don’t like the word influencer but we are we are influencers so this is a message to all of you youtubers out there we need to be mindful of what we are putting out online based on social cognitive theory children are watching us children are mimic are mimicking our behavior children see what we’re doing and children are linking that together with success or what’s being cool so we need to watch what we’re doing you guys this is one of the main reasons why I point out bad behavior or toxic behavior in my videos of other youtubers because I’m trying to reverse some of those effects I’m trying to take these examples and saying yo Mike this might be entertaining to you but you need to make sure that you’re not modeling this behavior because it is not healthy behavior right but even more so than the youtubers we need to take responsibility as parents like I mentioned a little bit earlier this is why we as parents need to make sure our mental health is in order okay because like studies have shown like children who grow up in abusive households they’re most likely to get into abusive relationships when they are older children who grow up in households where there is substance abuse with alcohol or drugs they are more likely to abuse substances when they are older okay children are watching us they see what we’re doing so if you are a couple and you think fighting is normal that’s one of the biggest questions I get about relationships yes how much fighting is normal is this fighting normal and all this other stuff like think about it like if you’re a parent ask yourself this question do you think it would be normal for your child to fight that much and that might not even be a good question because if you were raised in a household where there was a lot of fighting and arguing and you know that you might think it’s normal but no it’s not normal okay arguments you know debates all that stuff that is normal but if you’re in a household with is happening on a regular basis and blowing up and freaking out on one another that is not normal and that is not a good example for your children because they are more likely to get in bad relationships but aside from that I as a parent I know that I’m not gonna get the youtubers of the world to change what they’re doing they know what gay they know what gets views whatever they’re gonna do their thing so what I do as a parents is that I take responsibility I think responsibility and monitor what my child is watching and I think the best way to counteract this because we’re never going to fully be able to 100% monitor what our children are watching but we can like have a good idea okay and we can talk to them about these things like I’ve mentioned this in other videos before no matter what my child is watching we watch it together the best thing that you could do is pause it or after the video sit down and have a conversation with them ask them what they thought what are they thinking about this like if you’re if your child is idolizing some of the bad youtubers that they’re watching any when I say bad youtubers ones showing bad behaviors if they are idolizing these people it’s time to have a conversation and explain like is this the person that you want to be this is what can happen this can get you in trouble in school this can you know hinder you getting a career later and all those other things so we as parents need to take more responsibility as well all right but anyways anyways if you want more videos about like the source of depression that isn’t cartoons and stuff like that I have like about 800 videos on my channel go check them out alright but anyways that’s all I got for this video if you like this video please give it a thumbs up if you’re new make sure you subscribe and bring that notification about because I make a ton of videos and a huge huge thank you to everybody supporting the channel over on patreon you are all amazing and if you would like to become a patreon to get exclusive perks join our monthly group call and get some extra cool stuff click the top right there alright thanks so much for watching I’ll see you next time

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