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The New World Order is Real, But It’s Not What You Think

Okay, I’m here to tell you that there is a really important battle going on for the new world order, but I’m not talking about the shadowy totalitarian conspiracy theory stuff that we often hear so much about. So I’m going to set this up for you. If you’ve not heard of these NW Oh, new world order conspiracies, I actually congratulate you. You’re probably living a great life away from the toxicity of this nonsense. But I’ll explain to you the way that these theories tend to go. Uh, it’s some version of the new world order is a clandestine effort by powerful shadow we players of the world to create a totalitarian world government to rule over everybody. Now that that’s like the top line. There are endless versions of this. Sometimes they involve Freemasons. Uh, could be the Illuminati. Of course. Sometimes it’s the Jews that are involved. Sometimes it’s more of like a new age type of thing. There is often a mass surveillance, uh, sort of dystopian elements. Sometimes it’s framed more as an impending cool. There are others who are more nuanced than they say.

Gradualism is going to be the way in which this new world order is implemented. It’s not going to be all at once. It’ll be a little erosion of civil liberties here and erosion of the sovereignty of countries a little bit there. Uh, there are sort of population control centric versions. Uh, sometimes aliens and Ufos figure into it. There can be religious connections that involve Bible prophecy or the rapture or the apocalypse. You get the idea, but the general gist of it is a conspiracy for a shadowy, a world government to take over in a totalitarian way. Control of all people living on earth. Now, all of that stuff is nonsense, but there actually is a battle for what I think can accurately be called the new world order in the sense of a geopolitical realignment new world order among the great powers. And right now this is a battle being fought involving the United States and China and Russia.

Um, I encourage you to read more international relations to get more of a grasp on this topic and I suggest to you, uh, that the, the, if, if you do that, you are very quickly going to realize that a lot of the stuff Trump is doing with Russia and China is important for reasons that are totally separate from the cartoonish media stories.

Okay. When we talk about Trump screwing up trade and tariffs with China, or when we talk about Trump seemingly sort of subservient, subservient relationship to Vladimir Putin, it’s not about Republicans versus Democrats. It’s not about progressive versus conservative. If you understand Geo politics and international relations, you recognize that this is a key moment because these relationships, us, China, US, Russia, and China, Russia are inevitably going to set the stage for the next significant period of time in terms of how the sort of major powers will relate to each other and to the rest of the world. The rising circumstances are that on one hand, Donald Trump is increasingly hostile with China and he’s making economic blunders with China and Chinese economic policy. On the other hand, Trump is too dumb to see how well Putin is manipulating him. Uh, he’s doing it in a very particular way that is useful in ways Trump can’t even conceive of to Russia, which we’ll get to. And meanwhile, and this is like the third part of the triangle, Russia and China are building a relationship that could be significantly negative for the u s now, let me issue a sort of soft disclaimer.

You might hear me talking about this and say, David, you know, we should just get along with everybody. You’re sounding like an economic nationalist about the u s has to win. And that’s just the wrong approach. It’s not about that. Whether or not you’re an economic nationalist or a so called pro us person to use like a really course term. There’s a case to be made that it’s not just about what’s good for American power, but just about what’s good for simple everyday Americans who live in the United States. And I happened to be one of those people.

So I’ll give you some data points about how this could start to shake out, which wouldn’t be good for just average Americans. Look at Trump, China, trade relations, Trump tariffs, China. We will now have years of these terrorists at a minimum. Does China suffer very little? They deal with other countries. Other countries choose to deal more with China than with American companies because it’s cheaper. This is bad for American businesses as far as our citizens and companies are concerned. The tariffs on China are paid by American companies who have to pay more to buy stuff from China, stuff that we need. Uh, we pay more as American consumers for products that involve Chinese raw materials or Chinese production. Would we love to be doing business more with our own companies and American made goods? Sure, of course we would, but most of our economy can’t take it stagnant wages.

People are living paycheck to paycheck, so our tariffs on China alienates us from them without really hurting them, but they make more countries turn to China instead of us. In terms of doing business, that’s bad for the United States. Meanwhile, Trump thinks he’s making nice with Putin. It’s so nice to get along, but Putin is much smarter than Trump and he’s using Trump being enamored with them to Russia’s advantage while swooping in and rekindling China, Russia relationships hugely. Also in ways that aren’t great for the United States.

An example, China giving Russian energy companies, credits Russia, giving China access to their energy deposits. China’s army getting access to Russian military technology. They’re doing joint training. They’re coordinating diplomatically. In the middle of that is North Korea as a nation sort of caught in the middle of the desires of Russia and China, and the more Russia and China get along, the more difficult it will be for the United States to have leverage there. And meanwhile, as I’ve mentioned before on climate change, one of the foremost issues of our time, we have the world just ignoring the United States because Trump has said climate change is a hoax created by the Chinese, and that’s a disaster.

So let me be super clear. My analysis is not from a neoliberal perspective. We need a, I’m not saying we need to prop up the United States at the expense of everybody else. It’s an analysis of a situation that’s simply too difficult and complex for Donald Trump to handle, no matter what your view is of what should be happening in each of these relationships. The red alert is that we have someone completely unqualified overseeing this. Now we have a borderline criminal real estate dude who’s rich because his dad was rich in charge when no matter what your politics are, we should have someone involved in these negotiations with knowledge and capacity at what is an extraordinarily important time. That’s the real new world order battle that’s going on. It’s not about free masons and Jews in the Illuminati. Uh, and unfortunately we have one of the worst possible people managing it. Make sure you follow the David Pakman show on Instagram. We’ll have a poll question related to the story at David Pakman show on Instagram.

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