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Skeptics Vs. Believers: Ranking Conspiracy Theories

My general thought on a conspiracy theory is I think they’re fun I say if the argument is set up like well if you give me enough evidence that is circumstantial I could probably be convinced because we can’t prove something doesn’t mean it’s real I personally am a skeptic of conspiracy theories allows ourselves to either think more outside the box of what is possible at all times I’m very selective with my conspiracy theories so it’s either I very much believe it I’m like yeah I’m here or it’s like no tolerance I don’t know how much I believe them I’m gonna be ranking some conspiracy theories on their believability one being least possible and five being most possible I forgot like conspiracy theories freaked me out too okay all right I can do this right I could do it I don’t live alone okay snapchat doesn’t just scan your face to put on a filter they also add your photos to a government facial recognition database I don’t think it’s that far-fetched that’s actually pretty believable okay this is not far-fetched this is not science fiction this is real this science real okay this one I feel like is pretty believable I’d give it I’d give it a four because like why wouldn’t this be true I would say a four I’m gonna give that a 5 in believability I’m given a five and a four or a five I trust nothing with technology that could track my face in such cute ways the moon landing was faked this is a classic one the space race was strong in the late 60s and beating the Russians was very important to the United States this already sounds believable unfortunately they did not have the technology yet so they faked the moon land I don’t know about that I don’t know about that do not think this one is faked because as a filmmaker I just happen to know that filming the actual moon landing we’ve been far more technologically advanced than just taking a guy to the moon I don’t really see a lot of weight in this one so I’m gonna give it a 1 out of 5 I would rate this one a 1 and I just don’t trust a lot of people in this story I give it a 3 let’s one to think about that maybe 32 as a 3 I’m gonna give it a 3 I’m gonna rank this 5 Adam no wait 0 to 5 people the US government once had a time travel and teleportation program called project Pegasus Andrew Messiah yes I go Asiago b├ísico passagio i don’t know how to say his last name how do you say it Andrew basiago claims he was a participant in the program when he was a preteen the government used kids his age because they had an advantage over adults in terms of adapting to the strains of moving between the past present and future okay why would you want a preteen the most emotional person the worst person to make any decisions or to keep a secret for that matter I think this is the three of a believability just because they never said that they actively time travel they said that the government tried to do a time travel program maybe they were worried that like if you went too far ahead older people would just die because they’d beat a little Appeals or something I meant a 4 out of 5 I would give this a 5 cause like this seems very believable I don’t doubt that at some point the government was interested in something like this but I don’t know if like how like how far this goes whether this guy was actually part of it or you know if it were table to do this it seems unlike again – I mean it’s a great Netflix original series I think this could be I want to watch it I don’t know how believable it is I’ll give it a three out of five I would say that this is a – giving you a one ah I just love the name project Pegasus we are living in a simulated reality and nothing is actually real humans are living in a science fiction like computer simulation controlled by other living beings five out of five there’s a game called The Sims and it’s basically the same thing first of all holy bananas because what is this weird conspiracy theory that freaks the crap out of me I’m judging myself right now but I’m gonna give this one a five I love the idea of that because it makes me feel better about all my bad decisions so I’m gonna give that a three and a half and now I think that’s it – it’d be really cool if this was true but I don’t necessarily believe it because I need more evidence which I’m kind of sad about I would say that’s probably oh one I’m gonna give this one a one out of five mostly Cletus don’t want it to be true do I think this has happened yes but I’m not gonna try and sell you on it don’t worry about that what it’s a one five I’m not gonna sell you on it but it’s a five for me so you know general pots are I do believe the government is up to some I love conspiracy theories because they keep the secrets on their toes because you never know which one’s gonna be real which ones not gonna be real definitely thought they were gonna be way weirder like I thought we were gonna go down this weird thing of like cats secretly like run the universe I’m like we all don’t know about it and that’s why we all have them in our house I thought that’s gonna be weird these really weren’t that weird they’re fun no one could say they’re not fun I can see how someone came up with it but I don’t think there’s a lot of weight to it and there’s some that I’m like yeah let’s play ball I like it I don’t know man it’s hard it’s hard it’s kind of a it’s a gray area I mean you just gotta like you gotta go with what you think is right in a lot of these cases and a lot of people don’t want to buy in and that’s cool too that’s that’s their choice that’s their own conspiracy theory they’re the movie sheeple people are really freaking crazy you

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