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How QAnon, the bizarre pro-Trump conspiracy theory, took hold in right-wing circles online

-QAnon is in essence a conspiracy theory that gives hope to people who want the things it says to be true. -And according to the conspiracy theory, Trump is actually leading an effort to prosecute villainous Democrats, most of whom…

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Hollow Earth Explored – History of Mankind

Is Earth hollow? It was, though it’s not now anymore. The reason I say that, is because in the centre of the Earth, a long, long, long, long time ago – when the Atlanteans and Anu were still busy deriving…

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Conspiracy THEORIES Turned Conspiracy FACTS that Change Everything (2018) | reallygraceful

Hey Internet Friends. The term “misinformation” is, by definition, “false information that is spread, regardless of whether or not there Is intent to mislead”. Curiously, announced that “misinformation” was their word of the year because of the role technology…

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Hollow Earth ‘IF’ it’s real ?

The internet is a buzz with claims that the earth is flat, sites debunking and sites proving this fact are on the rise. The one thing both of these groups could be missing is whether the earth is solid? The…

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Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

No, the Earth still isn’t flat, the Illuminati have yet to emerge from the shadows, and if you really think you were abducted by aliens back in the ’60s, chances are the CIA just spiked your drink with LSD. But…

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